About our school

Thank you for your interest in Smyrna Christian School. In an effort to serve a variety of community needs, the members of Smyrna Church of Christ are committed to establishing and maintaining a well disciplined, small class size, Christian School from Pre-School age 3 through grade 8. We firmly believe that children learn more readily in a safe, loving atmosphere where they are expected to participate and really learn to show respect for their teacher. The curriculum is “A-Beka” and is a teacher-instructed program. The curriculum effectively incorporates the phonetic system which serves as a foundational component of the overall education at our school. Smyrna Christian School makes reading and comprehension a first priority for every child.

At Smyrna Christian School each child is encouraged to:

  • Respond to all of God’s creation with joy, respect, reverence, and wonder.
  • Understand that he has a purpose and value in Christ and that all gifts and talents come from Him.
  • Understand that all of us make mistakes and that mistakes are important opportunities for true learning.
  • Learn to express himself freely in ways that are appropriate and that contribute to the community.
  • Be a responsible citizen of the school, home, and community by helping when needed and exercising good stewardship over property and materials.

We encourage you to call or e-mail us for any further information you might need. We eagerly await your application and an opportunity to teach your child in an academically superior atmosphere.